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Beware of bogus estate agents

Be Careful

Don’t be a victim

There has been an increase in cases of bogus estate agents and fraud when selling residential plots and houses.

Many individuals are said to have lost their properties to “shady” deals in past years, while some lost their money to nonexistent plots and houses.

Despite literature in the media aimed at buyers in order to help them from falling prey to  bogus estate agents as well as sellers or “fake” landlords a lot of people are being duped of their hard earned money by “fraudsters”.

Property analysts say buyers should exercise extreme caution when buying or selling a property and make sure that the information they have  about the property they intend to buy or sell is correct.

This fraud is not only perpetrated by bogus estate agents but of late, legitimate estate agents have also fallen victim to unscrupulous sellers who pretend to own the properties that they give to the estate agents to sell.